Removals for Companies

Corporate moves require a great deal of effort on the part of the client in terms of time and preparation. We adapt to the client’s needs, offering great flexibility in terms of times and days to carry out the move.

The removal service for companies, SMEs, laboratories, offices, institutions and industrial premises requires special commercial attention. Most companies, as a rule, delegate to their purchasing department the task of finding a removal company to carry out the estimate and the relevant procedures for the move. In Mudanzas BCN we have the experience in carrying out Removals to Companies in different sectors of work; law firms, medical centres, pharmaceutical laboratories, factories, logistics warehouses, schools, computer technology work centres, engineering, etc.

Among the most important aspects for a company that needs to move, are to lose as little time as possible and that everything is done with a good logistical organization. Lost time equals less production and that equals lost money for the company.

Corporate Moving Services

Packing of documentation or archives

This task represents a very important part of the moving process. We offer the option to do all the packing of the company’s contents, files, documents, etc. We have boxes and packing material prepared for this service. On the other hand, the client can decide to ask us to supply the material to delegate this task to the company’s workers. Large company removals: Special transfers.

The packaging is done in order and with labels, so that each box is marked and differentiated with the material it contains inside and its belonging. As a general rule, this is done the day before the move.


Disassembly and Assembly of Furniture

Mudanzas a Empresas

Experience is essential in this activity, we have professionals who for many years have specialized in the assembly of furniture for companies, tables or desks, chairs, shelves, file cabinets, etc.

Furniture should always be protected before being moved. We use blankets, plastics and other special materials to protect wood and glass.

Computer Equipment

Embalaje Equipos Informáticos

The protection and care in the movement of computer equipment is very important, they represent the main means of work of the companies, save information and allow the development of the work activity, today they are primordial for any company. This is why we focus on ensuring that everything is correctly protected and given special treatment when moving.

General Fragile Parts

Depending on the work sector, each company has different apparatus or fragile pieces necessary for its activity, such as plotters, photocopiers, models, servers, glass shelves, television screens, laboratory apparatus, etc.

Security and guarantee are always present in our services, each move is insured, in the event that there are any items of great value, we can take out a special policy for the amount to be insured.

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