Moving Services to New York

The route to New York is realized with a frequency of 7 days with a time of transit of 18 days in a container, we dispose of a special service.


New York is a global link for international commerce and business, being one of the nerve centres of the world economy (along with Paris, London, Tokyo). The city is one of the main centres of finance, insurers, real estate, media and arts of the United States.

It has been one of the world’s leading centres of trade and finance since the end of the 19th century. New York is a global city, given its worldwide influence in the media, politics, education and fashion.

New York has been of great influence on the USA, in terms of art and culture. The headquarters of the United Nations is here as well, which makes the city  an important location for international relations.

New York has more than 113 km² of parks and 22 kilometers of public beaches.

New York is made up of five districts called boroughs, an unusual form of government used to administer the five counties that make up the city. Each district has hundreds of neighborhoods, many with their own identity and past. If each of the districts were an independent city, Brooklyn, Queen, Manhattan and the Bronx would be among the ten most populated cities in the United States

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