Moving Service to Uruguay

Located in the southeast of the American continent, with a temperate and humid climate to be located on the Atlantic coast. Uruguay stands out for its cattle and sheep industry, which historically has been the main source of economic income for the country. The changes to Uruguay have been increased by the economic crisis that Spain is currently experiencing and by the customs facilities that the government gives to the Uruguayans, to return to their country of origin with their personal belongings.

Moving Services Spain- Uruguay


Moving Service to Uruguay

The benefits of the law of return allow Uruguayan residents in Spain to return to Uruguay with their personal belongings. We have maritime containers service with departure every 10 days approximately. The collection is made throughout the Peninsula and Islands (Balearic and Canary Islands).

Shipment of container to Uruguay:

The container is located at the address of the client’s address (depending on the type of street and the measures of the container) The containers are 20 or 40 feet long We send cars or private vehicles that comply with the export laws to Uruguay. in destination depends on the type of service contracted.


International Groupage to Uruguay:

It consists of combining the load in a container available for groupage, separating them in special wooden containers or pallets. This type of shipment is made when the load is less than 20 cubic meters. The delivery at destination depends on the type of service contracted.

Shipment of boxes and suitcases to Uruguay

This service is recommended to send belongings in suitcases or boxes urgently. The transit time is approximately 7-10. Delivery is door to door in all cases.

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Manual for the return – Cars, tools and tools

In all our services we leave the option to the client to choose between receiving the cargo in the port of Montevideo or contracting the service to the address.

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